How Does Page Count Work?

Booklets need to be produced with your page count being a multiple of four. This is because booklets are created from large sheets of paper folded in half. When considering the front and back of this large sheet along with the half fold, each sheet produces four pages. So an 8 page, 8.5" x 11" booklet is made up of two 11" x 17" sheets being printed, folded, collated and stapled. You might want to think of it as 'panels' instead of 'pages'. This can be confusing we know! Another way to think of it is like the pages of a novel. The front of a sheet is page 1 and the back is page 2.


What is the Paper Quality like?

The paper we use for our booklets cover and content is called 260/310gsm artrcard and 157 gsm artpaper text. This can be confusing because there are a lot of measurements that use gsm such as bond paper, cover stock and index stock. The best frame of reference is that 80gsm bond (your typical office paper) is equivalent to about 50 lbs text. So our 157gsm artpaper content booklets are about twice as thick as typical office paper. The booklets content also have an Gloss coating all over. This is a semi-gloss coating and is the industry standard for brochures. It's similar to most magazine finishes. Most of the time, gloss products can be written on with a ballpoint pen but results tend to vary a bit.


Is the cover thicker than the pages?

The prices listed on this page are for 'hard-cover' booklets. Since the booklets are printed on a 157 gsm artpaper, the 260/310 gsm artcard cover will be thicker than the inside content pages to give a very professional quality.


How are the booklets bound?


The pricing for the booklets on this page is saddle stitched books which is a fancy way of saying they are simply folded in the middle and stapled. We can do other binding options such as perfect binding (like a novel) or spiral binding but these options are significantly more expensive.


Can you do different size booklets?

Yes we can. As a general frame of reference though, we provide the most commonly used booklet sizes A5 and A4

Lead time: 7 working days

+ 1 day for gloss and matt lamination on cover


We accept AI, PDF, TIFF, JPG & PNG files,

Ensure your artwork is at scale 1:1 according to templates/dimensions specified in this page,

For non-vector artwork [ex:JPG, TIFF, PNG] files, please make sure your pictures are at least 150dpi at size 1:1, with 300dpi preferred, to avoid blurriness/pixellation.

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