The standard business card is 89/54mm. We offer most of our business card types in slimmer options as well for a different look, but we do recommend sticking with the standard size if you're unsure.

Matte Coating is often confused with Uncoated but they are actually quite different. The Matte Coating is a nicer product and has more of a Satin finish. It can be written on with a pen easily.

Spot UV (Spot Gloss) are way to make your Luxury Business Cards stand out even more. Spot Gloss means we apply gloss to just a specific area of the card (the rest of the card being non-glossy) and can be used to accent a logo or text, or you can create stand-alone glossy design on your card to really accentuate their card.

Lead time: 7 working days

**create layer/artboard another 100% K for spot uv


We accept AI, PDF, TIFF, JPG & PNG files,

Ensure your artwork is at scale 1:1 according to templates/dimensions specified in this page,

For non-vector artwork [ex:JPG, TIFF, PNG] files, please make sure your pictures are at least 150dpi at size 1:1, with 300dpi preferred, to avoid blurriness/pixellation.

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We have list down all the available Paper type which are using for printing purpose. please select the paper type accroding to your requirement 1. single 2. double

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