The most common envelope size is 110/220mm (also called a DL envelope). This is the size of envelope most mail is sent in. The 102/229mm is also common and fits inside the DL envelope (often used for return envelopes). The 229/324mm size is a standard size to send A4 documents without being folded.


What is a Window?

The window option is a small area on the front of the envelope that is clear plastic. This is so the address can be printed on the actual letter and when folded it shows through the window on the envelope. This option is available on the 102/229mm and 110/220mm size.


What does 100gsm mean?

100gsm refers to the weight or thickness of the paper. Standard office printer paper (often called 80gsm) is equivalent to about 80gsmby this measurement. So this is a bit thicker and more professional than some envelopes which are often printed on 80gsm paper and very rarely any thicker than 100gsm.


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