What Thickness are your Flyers?

The paper we use for our flyers is called 157 gsm artpaper or 260 gsm artcard. We print either 157 gsm artpaper (Glossy based) or 260 gsm artcard (uncoated) flyers. This can be confusing because there are a lot of measurements that use pound such as bond paper, cover stock and index stock. The best frame of reference is that 80gsm woodfree (your typical office paper) is equivalent to about 50 lbs text. So our 157gsm artpaper flyers are about twice as thick and our 260gsm artcard flyers are close to 3 times as thick.


Can Flyers be Folded?

Our Flyers can be folded but we call a folded flyer a Brochure. Please check our Brochure product page for pricing.


Why are 260gsm artcard Uncoated Flyers More Expensive?

There are many reasons that our260gsm artcard uncoated is a bit more expensive than the 157gsm artaper glossy, but the main is that they are less common. Our printing works based on demand and the more orders we get for an item means the lower price we can offer.

Lead time: 5 working days


We accept AI, PDF, TIFF, JPG & PNG files,

Ensure your artwork is at scale 1:1 according to templates/dimensions specified in this page,

For non-vector artwork [ex:JPG, TIFF, PNG] files, please make sure your pictures are at least 150dpi at size 1:1, with 300dpi preferred, to avoid blurriness/pixellation.

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