1. Please submit your official Invoice & defect product/printing for replacement.


2. Replacement for same item only, change of design, size & dimension will be treated as chargeable item.


3. Please allow normal production time for printing replacement.


4. Customer should have their product/printing Quality & Quantity check upon collection. Weshall not be responsible for any issue regarding product/printing Quality & Quantity once the product/printing out of office. (example: quantity issue or damage due to external environmental factor, such as damage in transit, mishandling...etc.)


5. Warranty valid for 3 days from date of collection, any claiming after this will not be entertain.


6. Warranty does not cover malicious or inappropriate treatment. (Please check with our Customer Service about the appropriate use)


7. We have the right to refuse any replacemet & reserve the right for final decision.


8. Lead time is based on artwork confirmation once order is placed no refund will be entertained


9. Refund by any form will take 5-7 working days to process , subjected to approval .


10. Finishings such as Spot UV and Hot-stamping may cause the card thickness to become uneven and when packed cards may be become slightly curved (i.e. not flat when placed on table, in wallet, card holder, etc). Youprint shall not accept any rejects claims for curved Business Cards due to these factors. For products with thin paper material such as art paper or simili loose sheet with hot-stamping finishing, stamping pressure may leave a stamping mark on the back of the product.


11. Colour reproduction or accuracy is generally subject to the limitations of gang-run printing method. Therefore, the accuracy of colour reproduction is NOT guaranteed as stipulated in our Colour.


12. For reverse printing artwork, all wording that consist font size = 5pts and without BOLD, must add outline to reduce the wording blurry problem. Youprint shall not bear the consequences on the wording blurry due to small font size.


13. For Litho Offset printing, maximum total ink coverage must not more than 240%.Too much ink coverage may cause set off problem. Hence, Customer shall notice this risk and Youprint shall not be held responsible for set off problem cause by total ink coverage is over 240%.


14. Youprint shall not be held responsible for any Overprint setting in your artwork. Youprint shall not bear the consequences of the printing outcome. Hence, please do the self-check for any unwanted Overprint setting in your artwork.


15 Folding Finishing: When the folding finishing is applied to paper products like Loose Sheet, Booklet, etc., the folding pressure may cause slight paper cracks along the folding line. These cracks will look more noticeable on solid colours. This issue is unavoidable as it is a result of the nature of the paper fibres. Therefore you agree that Youprint shall not be held responsible for this issue and this issue cannot be submitted or reported as a reject.